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frequently asked questions

When is the best time to book a newborn session with you?

Before the baby is born! This cannot be emphasized enough – newborns should be booked before they are delivered whenever possible. Many families choose to reserve their due dates early in their second trimester.


I don’t know when my baby will be born, as my due date is only an estimate. How do you accomodate that?

Chelsea will reserve your due date on her calendar, ensuring you a spot in her schedule. When your baby does arrive simply have someone contact her – either by phone, text or email – to announce the happy news and select a date for your baby’s session.


How old will my baby be at the time of their session?

Your baby will ideally be less than 2 weeks old. Chelsea makes every effort to photograph your newborn between days 6 and 10, as the mother’s milk will have recently ‘come in’ and your baby will be sleepy, flexible and satisfied at this age.


Where will my session take place?

All newborn sessions take place in the Ithaca, New York studio space on the beautiful Ithaca Commons. This studio space is loaded with props and backdrops for parents to choose from! See something on the website that you want in your own gallery? No problem, you can select any of the props here for use in your own images!


How long should I expect my session to last?

Sessions run 3-4 hours. This may sound like a long time, but Chelsea makes every effort to keep you & your baby very comfortable. Newborns are often fussy or cluster feed, and we never want our parents to feel rushed. If your baby requires soothing or feeding, that time is already built into the session time you’ve booked.


How long until my images are ready to view?

All galleries are complete within 14 days and available in your online password-protected gallery. All clients receive an email notifying them of the completion of their gallery, so should a gallery be completed in less than 14 days parents are notified immediately.


How do I place my print order?

All print and press product orders can be made thru your online gallery. This way friends and family throughout the country can view your images and place their orders when it is convenient for them.  If your online gallery has expired and is no longer active on the website, please email Galleries can be reactivated upon request if necessary.


When will I receive my print order?

Most print orders are received within a week, although some orders can take slightly longer due to lab or shipping delays. My Newborn Is Art Photography makes every effort to delivery prints in a timely fashion, and all orders are shipped directly from the lab to the recipient to help minimize any delays. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your full print order.


I have older children I’d love to have photographed with my new baby. Is this possible? Will it cost me extra?

Yes, it’s both possible & encouraged! Older siblings are welcome at the beginning of your newborn session for sibling portraits. This will incur no additional charge.


I’m expecting multiples – do I need to pay a double session fee?

Multiples are one of Chelsea’s favorite subjects to photograph, and there is never an extra charge to photograph two (or three) newborns together.


My baby arrived prematurely and has to spend a few weeks in the NICU. Can I still have newborn portraits done?

Yes, your baby’s premature delivery can bring on challenges for both parents and photographers, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome! Chelsea will discuss limitations in your session and advise you on when would be best to photograph your new baby when you call to book. Most newborns keep their sleepy nature until their due date, so don’t distress!


Why doesn’t my session fee include any prints?

Every family is different. The needs of one family may vary drastically from that of their neighbor, and to help ensure every client is able to fill their needs while sticking to the family budget, there are no pre-created packages. Order just what you need and create your own custom package. Each client receives a digital download of their gallery to ensure you have a digital copy. These files are delivered as both high-resolution images suitable for printing as well as low-resolution web images suitable for sharing online. Every image is delivered fully processed in both color and black and white.


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