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99% of the images taken of your children will be taken by a parent or loved one. Many parents have a nice digital camera but aren’t satisfied with the images they take. Spend a morning with me improving your skills and learn to capture a great shot on the first shutter click!

There are no parent workshops scheduled at this time

WHO: Any parents or grandparents who want to improve the quality of their snapshots. Please bring your little one and your camera!
COST: $75 per adult

You do NOT need a professional grade camera to take great snapshots. Don’t get me wrong – Professional images are invaluable, and I would strongly urge you to get in front of the camera and utilize a skilled photographer at least once a year! This workshop is not intended to replace the skill and professional equipment used by a pro photographer. It *will*, however, give you the knowledge and confidence to quickly photograph your children in their everyday moments with the camera you already have at hand (even if that camera is just a cell phone!). Parents are pro’s at being busy, so for those parents who want to capture a decent snapshot with little time and fuss, this workshop is for you!

Space for this workshop is VERY LIMITED! Email or click “enroll now” below to scoop up a spot or for any questions!

Images like those below can be captured quickly by mom + dad (I should know… I snapped these pics before supper one night! My kids are among the ranks of photographer’s children everywhere – and other photogs can vouch for me here – who hate having their picture taken. If it can’t be captured in 25 seconds or less, it’s not happening!) The tricks I used to capture these images can be utilized by everyone!

parent photo workshop