It’s that time of year again. Time to look towards the future and make a resolution. I’ve always shied away from resolutions, but I’m starting to see that it’s an opportunity, and I’m *all* for an opportunity to be better, do better, or give better. So here’s mine – (deepbreathinnnnnnn) – I will blog in 2017. I have apologized for years for not being more diligent. For not sharing more of my sessions. An apology is not worth much without action, and this year I am practicing what I preach.

Here’s to our future. #cheers

ithaca newborn photographer

The urge to keep your newborn close to you is natural. It’s also beautiful. A mother holding her baby. New parents sharing a sweet embrace as they soak it all in. (and I know I’ve been on a black and white kick lately…. I’m sorry but this gallery just *has* to seen in bw.)

syracuse ny baby photographer

rochester ny baby photographer

ithaca ny baby photographer

syracuse newborn photographer

ithaca ny baby photography

rochester ny newborn photographer

I don’t usually share only black and whites, but her gallery is so gorgeous in black and white I can’t help myself. Such a treasure to a truly wonderful and loving family. <3 Congrats guys, she's perfect!ithaca ny baby photography

syracuse ny newborn photographer

rochester ny newborn photographer

syracuse new york newborn photographer

That sweet blonde hair. That little curl at the temple. That sweet fuzz on his shoulder. That delicate peel on his hands and feet. His mama waited so patiently for his arrival, and he was worth the wait.

ithaca newborn photographer

ithaca baby photographer

rochester baby photographer

syracuse baby photographer